In Existence

by The Following

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Debut Ep from The Following.


released March 15, 2014



all rights reserved


The Following Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Alamo
You'd better bite your tongue
'Cause no one even knows
What you do behind closed doors
Well look at you now
I'll rip you apart until you have nothing left

I'll give you reasons to hate me
So watch your fucking mouth
'Cause your words are meaningless

When did I get out of your head?
Did my name come up, while you're lying in his bed
Did my name come up when he made you shout?
You never cared for me, I've got you figured out
Where have you been?
Where does this end?
You'll never get me out of your head
I'll make you regret everything you said, you bitch.

Now I see what this meant to me
I will never be the same
Track Name: The Father
Well I survived, no thanks to you
You left us with nothing but the words you said
So where are you, father, where are you?
These are the seeds you sow
(Where did you go?)

I'd like to see you try and take this from me
We are the family you left behind
Who the fuck are you?
Just come and fucking find me
Your fear will not define me

Even with love in our hearts, you were gone from the start
I've tried so hard just to keep this from sinking
I've lost my sense of self, nothing can save me now

You're still nothing but a fucking disease
We're so much better without you
Where did you go?
You left us all alone
This home was broken before it was even built
My mother said
"Thank God you're here right now"
As she lay bruised on her bedroom floor

Where the fuck are you now, you spineless coward?
Where the fuck are you now?
Track Name: Far From Perfect
I remember the first time I saw you
You didn't know my name
I remember the next time I saw you
You gave your heart to me
I know I'm far from perfect
But please just know I'm trying

I know, I know
I'm so far from perfection
But please just hear me out
This life has worn me down to nothing
I am nothing without you
No one could ever take me from you

In my head, there's a war
Thoughts of you getting bored
Nevermind instinct, stuck on what you think
And I'm trying so hard to show you what this means
And my heart wont sink
This won't end the way I think

The air that fills my lungs
Is cold and numbing
And is worthless if I can't breathe you in
Don't you walk out on me now.

Oh god
Is this how it ends, being left here alone
And I'll never forget your words

This is no way to live
Track Name: Where We'll Always Be
There was never a right time to tell you everything I did was wrong
Where the hell do I start?

I've wasted too much time
Lying through my teeth
In telling you that I'm just fine
That I'm just fucking fine
I need you now more than ever before
I was never okay

I take back every single word I said to you
That night I let you down
I can't feel you here
You're still too far away too hear me

No matter the distance
I still feel you here with me now
Breathing so softly

This is not the end

I'd give this all away
To see that smile on your face
You've been used for so long
It ends today, everything that you wished for is coming true
And I'm doing this all for you